Saturday, March 04, 2006

Clinton, Ports, Arabs.... Quiche Provincial

WellSir...I'm just a country folk, but I do watch that thar O'Reilly feller regularly, and last night, amung uther things, he had on that Dick Morris feller (who I think is pretty smart political analyst). Mr. Morris was a sayin how his wife discovered (uncovered) the fact that our ex-president, Bill Clinton, is a wurkin for one a those Arab firms that, thru various connections and companies, is connected to the Dubai Port deal we're makin so much a fuss about...and a course he's a gettin paid fer his effurts( a course he didn't tell no one bout all this). Mr. Morris also informed everone that the money Bill makes on this c'here deal...Senator Hillary gets half a it cause they got a joint bank account...hmmm...she has been quiet as a late. Mr. Morris made a big deal out of announcing this c'here discovery by his wife but I cain't seem t'find nuthin bout it on any a his websites or Fox's News sites. Hmmmmm....if this be true...then I really be a thinkin it needs t'be envestigated by someone...maybe one a you adept political bloggers out thar.....but I guess that's just my way a fer all you Gourmet' fellers and ladies out there that really loves t'make and cook a somewhat involved recipee, but extremely deelishus frum what I'm a hearin, and well wurth the effurt...c'here's a top-shelf Quiche recipee frum Andy Roy who lives up near my way in Cicero, NY ....thank y'all Andy...I'll be a makin this one reel soon cause I truly do luv a real good tastin Quiche, and lately... I've had a non-stop hankerin fer Vicki's Quiche frum t'other day. th by...Y'all keep the recipees a comin...send em in to ....well... c'here's Andy's.................................Quiche Provincial


1¼ cup olive oil
8 oz. onion (one good-sized onion--about the size of your fist)
14 oz. canned tomatoes
5 oz. chopped green peppers (about ¾ of a pepper—don’t
forget to remove the seeds)
10 oz. sliced mushrooms
1 tsp. crushed garlic (I prefer 2)
14 whole beaten eggs
1 tsp. salt
½ teaspoon pepper
8 oz. diced ham (nothing smoked)
8 oz. diced Canadian bacon
8 oz. diced sausage
1 stick of thinly sliced pepperoni (about 6" long)
1 lb. mozzarella
4 oz. Swiss
2 oz. grated Parmesan
4 oz. cheddar
12 pitted ripe olives
1 tsp. oregano
4 deep-dish pie crusts (I recommend just buying a package
rather than making your own—it saves a ton of time and cleanup)

* I highly recommend you use a food processor to get the ingredients really blended, but in lieu of that, just chop up everything as fine as possible. If you have a food processor, simply use it to slice up all the ingredients one at a time. As each ingredient is minced, simply put it all in a separate bowl until it’s time to add to the hot skillet.


¨ Using a cheese grater or the grating blade of a food processor, grate up all the cheese, placing it all in a single, large bowl
¨ Take the bowl of cheese and place in refrigerator; as you won’t be using the cheese until later, the chilled cheese will be easier to apply to the quiche. If you leave cheese out at room temperature, it will be all clumped up and not easily sprinkled on the quiche
¨ Heat up oil in a large frying pan or electric skillet
¨ Cook onions in oil until slightly transparent
¨ Add the green peppers and mushrooms
¨ Add tomatoes and garlic and cook mixture for 15 minutes in slow simmer; stir often
¨ Add salt and pepper and rest of ingredients (except eggs) into the frying pan. Simmer for another 5-10 minutes
¨ Take eggs and break them all in a separate bowl. Whisk the eggs rapidly until they are smooth and beaten
¨ Using a basting brush, brush some of the eggs (called a wash) onto the edges of the pie crusts. This will keep the crusts from burning when the quiche is in the oven
¨ Distribute cooked ingredients evenly into the 4 pie shells using a large spoon
¨ Using a ladle, evenly cover this with the rest of the egg mixture. You'll see the eggs seep in between all the ingredients
¨ Sprinkle the cheese all over
¨ Place in oven. Cook at 350 degrees 30-40 minutes until slightly brown on top (touch the center; if it springs back, it's done)
¨ Wait approximately 15-20 minutes before cutting the quiche into slices and serving; if you cut into it immediately, it’ll fall apart (much like a fresh pizza—you have to wait for it to settle before diving into it)
¨ Sit back and enjoy one of the tastiest meals you've ever prepared