Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More ACLU antics...Arkansas Deer Camp Breakfast

Well sir...them ACLU fellers is at it agin....why cain't they just be a mindin there own business, or at leest a doin somethin fer all the poor folks that really needs the help. Now they's a makin a fuss about a gentleman that wants t'start a town of his own...primarily Catholic based ideaology. Hell....I'm OK with that....Live & Let Live is one a my motto's. Y'all can read more about this at Stop the ACLU or Stop the ACLU Coalition, ......theys a got 2 differant sites fer y''s a great recipee frum Vicki out in Chanute, Kansas...she's a immigrant frum Arkansas and this chere is one stomach fillin breakfast....course...y'all be a fartin so much you'll probly be a scarin every deer away thats within a mile a ya.....thanks Vicki!! Arkansas Deer Camp Breakfast (or Heart Attack in a Skillet)

Ground Sausage
Cast Iron Skillet

This recipe is done according to how many you are feeding
or how hungry the group is. The cook just kinda flies by the seat
of his/her pants on this one. Most of the time done over a campfire,
but can be accomplished on a stove.

Slice, dice or chunk Onion
Start Fryin' up the sausage
Throw in the Onion
Slice, dice, chunk, or grate your potatoes while Sausage & Onion is fryin'
Throw the Potatoes in.
Start crackin' open the eggs into a bowl and whisk
Cook until Potatoes are golden brown
Dump eggs into pan.
Cook until done.

You may drain the grease when & as you see fit, if you are doing the cookin'.
Just remember the next morning when someone else is cheffin' not to complain.
Fairly fast, easy & filling.
Now the only thing left to do is get everybodies full belly up & going out for the
reason you are out in the woods in the first place. Deer Season!