Friday, March 03, 2006

Stabbed in the Heart..Land....Vicki's Quiche

Well Sir...when I started this chere blog thing I wanted t'write about many differnt things a goin on around this chere country and the wurld...but...them damned ACLUers is a just stirrin up more & more trubbles and they's really gettin me good n pissed off. They just stuck a legal knife inta a real small town out thar in the nations Heartland (Missouri). Seems thay all a been handin out Bible's in an Elementary School (fur as I ever got in skool) fer some time, but now the ACLU say's they cain't do that n'more. I really do dislike them folks! Y'all can be readin more bout it at Stop the ACLU Coalition. Some good news though, seems them good folks out in Indian River, Delaware showed their Cajones and stood up t'them no good SOB's (ACLUers) and refused t'compromize with em. T'werent a victory, but theys willin t'fight em....Good fer y'all!! Y'all can be reading more bout that at the same link. If'n y'all r sick a whats been goin on in this great country, why dontcha go over to Stop the ACLU and join up...or at least give em yur support....but...I guess thats just my way a's a nuther recipee submitted by Vicki Yowans out in Kansas....thanks agin Vicki...oh, and by the way.....anyone who beleeves that real men don't eat Quiche....never had Vicki' t'is....Vicki's Quiche

2 Deep dish Pie Crusts
9 eggs
just tiches (couple a splashes) of Milk
Full jar of Hormel Bacon Bits
One Box Frozen Spinach
One half onion chopped fairly fine
16oz of Shredded Mozerrella Cheese
Few shakes of salt, pepper & garlic salt

Use a fork to poke holes in the bottom & sides of pie crust after defrosting them. (quite a few pokes)
Brown Pie Crusts in oven at 400 degrees until light golden brown.
Turn on broiler and brown interior of pie crust lightly as to not burn the top of pie crust.

Start with eggs & milk... whip them well till it gets big air bubbles.
Add rest of ingrediants. Have pie crusts ready to go before pouring mixture into them.

Put pies in oven at 400 degrees for 5 minute or so.
Turn oven down to 325 degrees & bake about 50 minutes or until spongy firm and kinda bounces back atcha
when pressed on with hand.

Then turn on broiler and brown the top... turning pretty constantly until nicely browned (golden brown)
Remove from oven & chow down.