Sunday, August 13, 2006

An All American Post..... 2 GREAT slide shows...

Well Sir...gonna make this short and sweet! I've been sent a couple a real GREAT power-point slide shows that are absolutely SUPER!!!

There seemed to be no way I could get them inta my blog fer all a ya to enjoy...but Eric over at (bein a feller bubblehead and all) was nice enough to upload these two links to his server so's I could share these here slide shows with y'all...and believe me...they are well worth the time.

This here first link (Slide Show) is fer EVERYONE and there ain't no doubt that it will bring both smiles...and tears to all yur face...but y'all will be thankful ya saw it....TURN YUR SOUND ON!!

...and the second link will truly inspire all you old Navy well everyone else who can appreciate the majesty and beauty of THE UNITED STATES NAVY...the Greatest Navy in the Wurld......

I gotta thank both The Doubting Thomas fer sendin me the first below link....and John over at John's Place fer sendin me these never before been seen Navy pictures.....THANKS GUYS!!! be the links..... Turn Yur Sound On! and (no sound needed)