Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wisdom borrowed frum The Book of Mahone.... and... YOU SUPPLY THE CAPTION..

....actually...this here photygraph is Plato...

Smoking a cheap cigar is like cheating on your wife with an ugly women - it defeats the whole purpose.

A hungry cat is a good friend.

If someone hires a nymphomaniac as a prostitute - then who is really getting screwed?

While you are being attacked by a felon is no time to discuss constitutional law.

Jews! What can you say about a culture that gave the world Moses, Einstein, and Grocho Marx?

There are a thousands reasons why one loses, only one why they win.

It's only fun being a virgin once. And that's in the losing of it.

Nobody is perfect, and I'm here to prove it.

How to be happy? Want what you have.

Worst gift idea of all time? The Lorena Bobbit Cutlery set - as endorsed on TV by O.J. Simpson.

From the time we take our first breath, Death begins stalking us.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder: ergo, if I never see you again, I'll love you forever.

Sex with a woman in her prime is awesome - but don't take it personally. Just be glad you were lucky enough to be there.

Cat etiquette: From years of keen observation, I've determined a firm rule of cat etiquette: If a door is opened, and one cat is leaving the house while another is entering at the same time, the cat leaving has the obligation to jump over the cat entering.

OK...y'all supply the caption...this one might be tough.......