Saturday, August 16, 2008



Well Sir....fer the past week (and earlier) this old Cookie has been gettin up almost every mornin between 5 and 6 am to open the Military Courtesy Room at the Syracuse International Airport...and ya know what....I'M BEAT!, and my pardner, Loren Davies has done even more, having spent over 17 days straight at the room.

Sooo...this Cookie is gonna take a day off to spend some time with friends and family, beginnin with a nice brunch at stylish restaurant with some great friends. This will be followed by a long day of relaxation, and the day will end with me BBQ'n up two thick and tender Filet Mignons on the grill, that were given to me by my daughter Shellie. Thanks Hon!

As you've probably realized by this time...this will be the extent of today's blog. Y'all have a great Sunday and we'll be see'n Y'all tomorrow.....