Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday ....

I was just over at "The Chief's" blog and part of his post was about the movie "Cat Ballou", and it reminded me of a song I've always liked from that movie, "I was born under a wander'n star", sung by (of all people) Lee Marvin. Here t'is....


...and a tribute to recently departed Jane Russell. "Bottons and Bows".



"SigBoy40" said; "Cookie,
I believe that 'Wandrin' Star' was from Paint Your Wagon. It was required viewing growing up in my Fathers house. So much so that had signs made up for hunting camp, It said "No Name City, Pop. Hunting"

COOKIE; Yupper, I stand corrected. It was "Paint Your Wagon".

"SoCalPal" said; "Cookie: It you get a chance rent or borrow of Paint Your Wagon, it's Lee Marvin at his irascible best. Great movie, especially Lee's line at the start of the show when Lee discovers a wagon that had fallen off a cliff:
Settler in Wagon Train to Lee: 'Are they dead?'
Lee's responce to Settler: "Well they'd better be cause I'm a burying them!"
Classic Lee Marvin.....What a talent he was and a Marine to boot."

Dapper Dan said; "Sorry I haven't stopped by lately, Cookie, been a little busy. Looks like this was the right time though. That Lee Marvin clip is outstanding. And Jane Russell. What a beauty. I liked Marilyn okay back in my teen years in the '50s but she had a soft kind of beauty. I always preferred Russell's edgier, sultrier(?) appeal. Russell and Katy Juardo (remember her?), another brunette, were at the top of my list.

The Chief said; "If something ain't true, hell... just make it up! Shame on you. Next thing I know, you're gonna post a video of Lee Marvin singing that old standard: "Bubblhead Blues". ;)