Thursday, March 03, 2011

Some cop humor, and a blonde joke.

Gotta give a big THANKS to "Charlie The Cop" from Chicago fer sending me this one.

Having been in Law Enforcement for 21 years I've seen first hand the horrible job Corrections Officers have in prisons and jails throughout this country, and you couldn't get me to do this job for any amount of money. Here be some Corrections Officer humor.

"The CO Song"

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A blonde joke!



Dapper Dane said; "Cookie, I'm with you. I wouldn't want that CO job for any amount of money. Those are the government workers that ought to be getting a raise!
That Kelly Pickler clip is really funny. I sometimes wonder though if she's not smarter than we think. She's playing dumb blond role to perfection and it's giving her a fat bank account."