Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sunday Sundries....

Well be a few photygraphs that speak fer themselves....Enjoy yur Sunday mates...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Here's some good folks Y'all need to meet.... Hero's All...

Well Sir.....As y'all know....most a my post's tend to be on the humorous or comedic side....but not this sir...this post is a labor of love that I'm proud to have the priviledge of puttin together fer the Gertson family frum Eagle Lake Texas.....

A few months back I had the honor of meeting a fine person from Eagle Lake, Texas, Sue Gertson. At my request she began sending me recipe's fer various meals...many of which I've already posted cause they're good. What I didn't know about the Gertson family, and found out quite by accident, was that Sue and her husband Gayle lost a fine son in Mosul, Iraq on the 19th of February, 2005. His name was Clint....this is his picture...and this is my small tribute to both he and the entire Gertson family.

Almost every night on the evening news we hear about 3 or 5 or 8 American soldiers were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan today...but they become just numbers to most of us...numbers we don't want to hear...but numbers just the same.

Once I learned that the Gertsons had lost a son, I corresponded with Sue and she told me more about her lost son Clint and her family. This has helped this disabled Vet put a face on a true freedom fighter hero and his equally heroic family....a family picture I'd like to share with all of you.

I'm just gonna let the pictures and the links speak for Clint and his family as I really can't do them full justice.

In this photograph is pictured Clint's Mom..Sue, his brother..Sgt. Matt Gertson, his Dad Gayle and his sister Cori.

If'n ya got the time...I'd like y'all to take a minute and go over and down toward the bottom of this local media page there is a link that will take you to a video tribute to Clint that was put together by his friends and buddies in's good and it'll be worth yur time....

...and here's some more to the story. While this fine family was grieving the loss of one of their sons, Cindy "the Shehag" Shehan (I hate to even mention that foul name in the same article with these hero's) was spouting her poisonous just read was printed in the Gertson's local newspaper...

Message from a proud mother...

"Gayle and Susan Gertson had two sons serve in Iraq. Around the time Cindy Sheehan became a media darling, Susan wrote us and sent us pictures. We reprint her message today."

Dear Editors,

I have been contemplating all day whether to send this to you in response to the article on Mrs. Sheehan. I have a lot of strong feelings on the subject, but I want people to understand that she doesn't speak for all of us. Both of my sons served in Iraq with honor and excelled at what they did. I am truly proud of both of them and can't stand to have people diminish what our troops are trying to do for the Iraqi people - after all, they deserve to live as well as the rest of us, many of whom take for granted our great way of life.

Along with my letter I am attaching an article from the Stryker Brigade News, where my son's death is mentioned. These friends of his are still in Iraq and have suffered many losses - I see no need for the Sheehan's of the world to add to their suffering.

I am also sending a picture of each of my sons in Iraq.

Susan Gertson

Here is Mrs. Gertson's message to Cindy Sheehan (see post below if the name doesn't ring a bell):

As the mother of two soldiers, my heart goes out to you and I understand your pain, if not your actions. I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll start by telling you this:

My youngest son served as a medic with 4ID at the start of the war in Iraq. He had no A/C for months and lived on nothing but MRE's for 6-7 months, giving a lot of those to the hungry Iraqi kids, causing his weight to drop from 202 to 160.

He was astounded by the poverty the Iraqi people lived in, while Saddam lived in TOTAL luxury. As a medic, he had to treat not only our soldiers, but the innocent victims targeted by their own people. I don't think he ever got used to the wounded children.

He left his wife here, expecting their first child. While he wasn't crazy about going to Iraq, he truly believed in what he was doing there, and after serving four years in the Army, he can still be recalled to go back to Iraq.

Our oldest son was a sniper with the Stryker Brigade and had been in Iraq for four months when he was killed in February this year.

He always talked about the children there, giving them candy, working on their bicycles, etc. He said if we help these children now, maybe they won't grow up to hate OUR children! He told us more than once "Freedom Isn't Free!!".

He was very proud of what he was doing and truly believed we are doing the right thing in Iraq. He had already re-enlisted for Army Ranger School.

Whether you like Bush or not, whether you voted for Bush or not - you are letting your personal feelings and your grief cloud your judgment, according to your current actions. We had two sons serve in Iraq and one didn't return. They both believed in their service there, and you are totally degrading every soldier we have serving today. We have a lot of friends still in Iraq - try telling them they are wasting their time - I'm sure you won't like their response!

When you, and others, degrade our President and our military, you are giving our enemies more reasons to harm our troops. It demeans everything they are trying to accomplish. Our military is still voluntary and while most signed up for the benefits, they also knew there was always a chance of combat action.

The attacks of the terrorists have a very long history, dating back to Jimmy Carter's "supreme reign" until the present. George W. Bush is the ONLY President who has had enough strength and resolve to do anything at all to protect not only us, but the rest of the world as well. Don't you think it's about time we put a halt to these crazy people, or would you rather wait until they wipe out all decent people?

If you really want to put your time to good use - try doing something in support of our troops, like showing them the respect they deserve. That includes their Commander-in-Chief. We're there, and we have to finish the job. That's what most of our troops will tell you they want. I don't want both of my sons' service, and one's death, to be in vain.

Again, my sympathies to you on the loss of your son - may you find peace and the strength to do what is right for our country.

Susan Gertson

Proud Supporter of Our Troops
Proud Mom of Two Soldiers
Proud Supporter of Our President an old
Vietnam era Vet...I'm proud to have the priviledge of knowing this fine American family......may God Bless your entire family......Cookie...

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Try'n to juggle too much this week.......

Well alot on my plate this week what with a laid up wife, magazine stories to write fer my editor, cookin fer us, many house-cleaning duties, runnin errands....y'all get the here's some humorous photygraphs along with my apologies fer not postin on the blog since last Sunday.....

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It's here be some clean cartoon's... fer real twisted minds....