Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Duty, Honor, Country. BETRAYAL!

"Duty, Honor, Country. BETRAYAL!

Over the years as a Police Officer Cookie has met this type of self important, politically connected, unbelievably arrogant, deceitful persons this video talks about, like the woman who put her hand over the camera lens, who, for the sake of making high profits and/or getting these homeless Vets out of public sight would screw the homeless person(s)/or Vets.

Usually, whenever I received a call like this, upon my arrival these assholes would assume that I and my partner where automatically on their side and would do their bidding. They would ORDER you to do whatever they wanted you to do, you know the line(s), "I'm a very good friend of so and so (usually the Mayor or Police Chief)" and "I pay your salary so do your job and get these dregs of society out of my sight." Their arrogance and "better than thou" attitudes were sickening. Upon refusing to do their commands they were initially incredulous and shocked. Then the next lines were something like "Do you know who I am?", or "I'll have your badge" or "when I get done with you you'll be walking a beat for the rest of your career." (BTW, walking a beat was actually some of the best duty you could get. In some later post I'll splain that.)

Now Sir, Cookie had an old trick which, if they and their superior attitude pissed me off enough (and they usually did), I would use this trick which would always result in the asshole, man or woman, being arrested for assaulting a Police Officer. It was important to have plenty of other witness's who would testify as to what they saw.

Here's how it worked. It would first be necessary for the situation to escalate to a point where the complainant(the asshole) would become furious with me or my partner for not doing their bidding. We would accomplish this by being very calm, firm and "matter of fact" ourselves and simply refusing to do what they wanted. This type of person hates it when that non-compliance button is pushed. It really boo boo'd their immense egos.

Now, remember, it's necessary to have several witness's around the both of you. In 9 out of 10 cases, the arrogant prick would eventually move in close and get in your face, and this is exactly what you wanted. Here you are, being calm and professional while "dog breath" is getting madder and madder. What the crowd can't see because they are looking at your faces is that you have just discretely stepped on and put all your 230 pounds of weight painfully on the persons instep. At this point the asshole will naturally try to back up and get his/her foot out from under my foot, BUT can't move because of my weight. This attempted backward movement on their part will always result in the person losing their balance and to regain their balance, they will flail one or both arms.

Now, what does that quick movement look like to all the witnesses? It looks like the person just took a swing at the Officer. Ahhhh HA! "Attempted Assualt on a Police Officer!" You are under arrest asshole. You have the right to .......yada yada yada!"
"Now fer all you witnesses, I'm going to need your names and get statements as to the fact that you saw him/her swing at me....."

"I loved it when that plan came together!" BTW, it wasn't important whether you won or lost the case in court, the important thing was that you put the egotistical, arrogant, self rightious prick through the humiliating booking procedure (bend over and spread em asshole). Then because it was an assualt on a Police Officer, they would have to spend some time on "the duece" (the second floor of the jail) before they could be bailed out. "The Duece" was a noisy, smelly, insane place where all new arrests were sent to. Many were drunks or druggies, some in withdrawl so they were vomiting and combative and such. This experience usually scared the living you know what out Mr. or Mrs. "Do you know who I am?"

God I miss the good old days!


It's Friggin' Freezing. There's snow up my ass, all the food's covered with

3 feet of this white shit, and you want ME to sing?

What?? Anne Murray's "Snowbird"? Kiss off!!

By the way, I'm actually brown in color but I'm blue from the freaking cold!

Next year, I'm flyin' to Jamaica, and smoke dope!!

**Sigh**, This is so sad, a feller blogger and old military man frum out Illinois way sent this poem he wrote regard'n his....ahhh.. problem.

"I have outlived my pecker."

The Penis Poem

My nookie days are over,
My pilot light is out.
What used to be my sex appeal,
Is now my water spout.

Time was when, on its own accord,
From my trousers it would spring.
But now I've got a full time job,
To find the f***in' thing.

It used to be embarrassing,
The way it would behave.
For every single morning,
It would stand and watch me shave.

Now as old age approaches,
It sure gives me the blues.
To see it hang its little head,
And watch me tie my shoes!!


"Sig 94" said; "Ahh yes, but I'd aim for the little pinkie toe and his neighbors.
This little piggie went waah waah waah all the way to booking."

COOKIE; I suppose the littel pinky would work just as well. We all had our own style right Sig? I truly took great enjoyment at watching these "Do you know who I am people?" be strip searched, with an anal cavity inspection, and then lumped in with some real dreggs and assholes of society. It was beyond their eggotistical, selfish and arrogant minds to comprehend that it was actually happening to them!!