Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sometimes a joke really tells the truth.......

Well a my friends, Joe Sadowski (who also writes fer a Fish & Game Magazine) stopped by the Cook Shack t'day and told this here joke which I thought was pretty amuzin.....had alot a truth in it too about the ego's and arrogance's of some tis...........Seems there was this old Indian Chief named "Two Eagles" and one day he was a sittin near his hut on the Indian Reservation, smokin a ceramonial pipe and cautuously eye'n two Government Officials that had been sent to interview him. One of the U.S. officials stated..."'ve watched the white man for over 90 years now. You've seen our wars and the advances in our new technology. You've seen our progress...and the damage we have done". Chief Two Eagles thought about this statement for a long moment and then nodded his head in agreement. The Official continued.."considering all these your opinion...what went wrong?" The Chief stared at the Government Official for several seconds and then replied........"When white man found this land...Indians were running it....NO TAXES.....NO DEBT.....PLENTY BUFFALO......PLENTY BEAVER.....WOMAN DO ALL WORK....MEDICINE MAN FREE.....INDIAN MAN SPEND ALL DAY HUNTING AND FISHING.......HAVE SEX ALL NIGHT......Only white man dumb enough to think he can improve system like that!" Y'all have a great day.....Cookie

The Moonbats were oblivious........

Well Sir...I'd like t'be takin this chere opportunity to be welcomin a feller co-wurker/Retired Law Enforcement Officer to the "Blog-Wurld". The name a his brand new baby blog is "Signal94" , which in local Police parlance means "End of Shift". Yesteday, along with feller blogger...The Dread Pundit Bluto, we all had a great lunch where we a tawked over everthing frum wurld the ACLU (almost ruined m'lunch when that topic came up). Now, Signal94 knows how to wield a word-processor as good as he used to wield a baton (when the situashun called fer it) a little prodin and sweet tawk perswadin...we convinced him t'put his litterary talents t'good use...and by golly...t'day he did. His furst post...."Ann Coulter at Syracuse University" is real interestin, informative, humorous and satiracal read that I'm sure y'all gonna enjoy very much. It seems that Signal94 couldn't get any good seats so he found himself up in the juvenile Moonbat section...they was oblivious to his Conservative presence....until he pounced...but why dontcha all read it fer yurselves. I really enjoyed the post....but...I guess that's just my way a thinkin.......Cookie

Delaware = Cajone's.....Colorado = No Cajone's......

Well Sir...I might just a have m'spellin wrong (ushually do) but I do beleeve that in Spanish...testicles, gonads, balls, nuts, rocks...y'all get the spelt Cajone's. Now, from what I been a read'n t'day...another school district out there in Colorado has wussed out and caved in to...who else...the ACLU. Yupper, this school district re-instated that thar Jay Bennish feller that was comparin President Bush and the State of the Union address to Adolf Hitler and his speech's....damn.. now if that don't beat all! The ACLUer came to the school a wave'n the dreaded Law Suit flag and the school board just gave up and surrenderd. Maybe y'all recall, they did the same damn thing out there when it came to that Ward Churchill feller. Consider'n how they keep surrenderin so easy....I cain't help but wunder just how they'all reproduce and have youngins. Now, those good folks in Indian River, Delaware...they got big ones...Cajone's I mean. Seems one a them ACLU lawyers came around and told em they was goin to sue the school district because a prayer was said at the school's graduashun proceedings and somebody's ego was a boo-boo'ed. Then they told em that they could avoid a nasty and costly court battle if they agree to a six figure this is the part I like.....Those fine folks in Indian River looked at the whole situashun and...after tawkin it over a spell...told the ACLU what they could do with their six figure settlement....well a course...not in those wurds cause they's polite, God fearin folks and all. At last....someone showed some I really be a thinkin that maybe we outta make INDIAN RIVER a rallying point and a battle cry....course...thats just my way a JOHN KOHLER of No. Tonawanda, New York submitted his recipee fer Venison Stroganoff. John has been an active hunter and fisherman most of his life and it sounds like he just might know his way around a kitchen as well. This recipe will be easy to make whether at home or at hunting camp. Thanks fer the submission John.

Venison Stroganoff

Cut 2 or 3 lbs of venison into small cubes (bite-size). Brown slowly in 3 Tablespoons of vegetable oil. When browned, add 1 envelope of Lipton Onion Soup Mix and 4 Cups of water to your skillet. Cover and simmer for 1 ½ hours.

While venison is simmering, in a separate pan, bring one 8 ounce package of Cream Cheese to room temperature. When venison is browned to your desired color, add some of the pan juices to the Cream Cheese and mix well. Pour all back over the Venison and continue simmering until thick. Serve over noodles. That simple! According John…its EXCELLENT!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

Well Sir, like most folks, when this chere UAE ports deal was announced, I gotta admit that I stepped on my ladies... and immediatly was up n arms bout the whole thing....pissin and a moanin about "settin a fox t'guard the hen house". Then...after coolin down a might...I took anuther look at the whole situashun. By listinin to people that be in the know a lot more than this old Cookie...I lurned a few things I didn't know...and was reminded bout a few uther things I'd completly furgot about. First, and most important, these UAE folks a been a helpin us out by lettin us use their ports fer our Navy subs & ships...they been a makin some terrorist arrests fer us, and supplyin us with some good intelligence. My good frend "Bill" over at Small Town Veteran also reminded me of a few uther things I been furgettin, and that thar Bill O'Reilly feller frum Fox News also had some good points about how it might not be a good idear t'piss them UAE folks off at this time in history. Beside' it or not...we owe's em fer the help they been a givin us. When someone helps y'all gotta return that jesture and help them out when ya can. Lets face it y'all....we all reacted over the wurd too at furst...but, I guess thats just my way a thinkin. A bunch a folks been a tellin me that my Biscuits and Sausage Gravy recipee was so good that when thay made it and ate it...their tongue's were hittin the roof a their mouth so hard it damned near slapped their brains out, swear t', c'here it is agin....... Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

The amounts of the following ingredients will depend on the number in your party so adjust the quantities to insure that everyone will leave the breakfast table with a full stomach.

- Package(s) of Pillsbury Grand or Buttermilk Biscuits (unless you make your biscuits
from scratch.

- 2 to 3 tubes of Pork Sausage, or any good Pork sausage you prefer.
- Milk
- All purpose flour
- Pepper

In a large frying pan (a seasoned cast iron is best but not necessary), cook the sausage over medium heat until done. At this point you can use either of the following techniques. 1) Strain all the grease from the sausage into another pan if you have one, or 2) push all the sausage meat to the part of the pan furthest away from you, then tilt the pan so that all the sausage grease settles toward you. You can then place another utensil under the far side of the pan to help it remain stable and tilted while still over the burner.

Into the hot grease, sprinkle 2 tablespoons of the flour (maybe 3 if your making a very large amount of gravy). Let the flour cook in the grease about a minute or so (this eliminates a floury taste to your gravy). Turn the heat up to medium high and start adding the milk slowly, stirring constantly. Keep adding the milk and stirring until the desired consistency of the gravy meets your liking. Combine all the sausage meat into the milk gravy, sprinkle in a little pepper to taste and keep warm on low heat.

Cook the Biscuits in a toaster oven or oven as per package directions. Serve the gravy over split hot biscuits. Biscuits and gravy goes very well with scrambled eggs and pan fries, and if you want, put some gravy on your scrambled eggs as well. Also, try to serve a good French Roast coffee with real warmed cream for a touch of New Orleans. This meal won’t help your cholesterol but it sure will taste great and stick to your ribs on a cold Fall or Spring morning. MmmmmmBoy!

Monday, March 06, 2006

This chere's a been a real good day.....Crabby Walleye

Well Sir....first the good news bout that Supreem Court a rulin aginst that ACLU by stating that college campus's that gets Federal Funds gotta let Military Recrooters onta the campus...and now...a reel good "righteous shootin" out there in California. Seems a feller with real big resentment cause he got his ass fired, started herassin his ex-boss, then tried to kidnap the mans wife with a "bee bee gun" that looked like a real gun. Well sir...his ex boss got out his .357 magnum and plugged the idiot three times...killin him. Good fer you pardner! Y'all can read the whole story over at The Other Side ...he seems like a good anuff feller. Now...chere's a anuther great Walleye (or any fish) recipee...I'm a thinkin y'all gonna like it...Crabby Walleye with Lemon Butter

4-6 Walleye fillets (or any good fish)
2-3 beatin eggs
4-6 oz of Crab Meat
1/3 cup of softened butter
1 full tablespoon of Lemon Juice
1-2 Tablespoons peanut or vegetable oil
Couple a dashes of Hot Pepper Sauce (more if’n ya like it real hot)
Touch of Salt

Add the hot pepper sauce, salt and Lemon Juice to the softened butter and whip till smooth. Set aside fer awhile. Get yur peanut oil hot over medium high heat in a Cast Iron Fryin pan (if’n ya got one). Dip the fillets inta the beatin eggs and then saute’ fer about 2 minutes (each side) in the hot peanut oil. Put the fried fillets on a plate and then top each fillet with about an ounce of the Crabmeat, then, put about a large spoonful of the Lemon Butter onta each fillet. Now…place under a broiler fer about a minute…and serve. Yur gonna luv it!

Nine kicks in the ass for ACLU....

Yessss! That thar Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that colleges/skools that receeve's Federal funds MUST allow our fine Military Recruiters on their campus's. I surely do luv it when things come t'gether.....Y'all can get more info at STOP the ACLU and The Dread Pundit Bluto Harry used t'say... Go ahead ACLU....Make My Day...or sumthin like that! Hey Y'all...keep those recipees a comin to Send a short bio bout yurself along with it....Y'all come back now c'here.......Cookie

Bad Girl...Bad Girl...Watcha gonna do....

Ya know...whenever I hears or reads about that thar Cindy Sheehan...all I can ever think about is the song from "COPS", you know....."Bad Girl..Bad Girl...Watcha gonna do when the war is through...". Its kinda sad really...Cindy...I think most of us understand that after the loss of your son, you needed something to fill the terrible void that you must have felt. Now...let's look ahead a might... t'when the war in Iraq is finally over.....regardless of how it ends...what will you have left? No son, no husband, no war to protest about. According to a recent poll you will have alienated about 60% of the people...and...slowly but surely...your phone will go will. Michael Moore, Hugo Chavez and the other Code Pink people will slowly stop callin. They won't be there in those long evenings and nights ahead to keep you company and support you. You will look back and realize you allied yourself with a far-left radical idiot movie maker, a dictator, a has-been senile old "Banana Boat" singer and all the others of their ilk...but saddest of'll have to ask yourself...what would my son think about what I've done and HOW I did it? You may have lost his respect as well.....after put down the country he fought and died for. The Dread Pundit Bluto and The Jawa Report have got more on the subject. Cindy...the best way to get off the path you've committed to is to just fade away...let go....and just fade away to another good cause that will continue to help people in some way, but not in a way that denigrates our country and makes you look radical and used....but...I guess thats just my way a thinkin....Cookie

Sunday, March 05, 2006

God Dammit...we taxpayers been a payin the ACLU..

Well sir...I was reedin the Stop the ACLU and lurned that we good, hardwurkin taxpayers have been a payin the Legal Fees t'the ACLU that they be collectin from our Government every time they wins a lawsuit. Damned if that don't beat all!! Sumethin t'do with some legislashun that got passed years back...ain't shur bout that...but I was heartened to read that our Veterans and other good folks like yurselves have banned t'gether t'stop this c'here foolishness. Just be a gettin yurselves on over to Stop the ACLU and read all bout it...and while yur there, sign the on-line petishun t'stop this nonsense and stop wastin our tax dollars on that no good fer nuthin, pimple on the ass a society, organizshun. Now that Nedd feller also got a way fur ya t'link right t'yur Senators and Congressmen and be a tellin em just how ya feel...its so eezy my grandkids can do it....never did like them ACLU fellers...but..I guess thats just my way a thinkin....I'll be havin anuther one a m'great recipees fer ya t'morrow...meantime...y'all send me yur recipeees at , along with a little bio bout yurself so's I can give ya the credit fer yur recipee......Cookie....Oh..and by the way, if'n y'all wanna see sumthin reel funny bout "mens room" decor...get yurselves on over to the Small Town Veteran ....(scroll bout a third a the way down) y'all gonna get a real good kick outta the picture he's got posted.....s'long till t'morrow.....