Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Be a Hero. Help a Hero and his/her Family.

We all know times are tough, very tough! The recession is causing most of us discomfort and pain, some of us more than others, and I'm sure many of you reading this post right now are also hurting.

Being a Disabled Vet myself, my wife and I are on fixed incomes and although we, like many other American families are having financial difficulties meeting some of our obligations, we're getting by. However others, like our our gravely wounded Iraq and Afghanistan war vets and their families are feeling the financial pains severely, some loosing their homes and entire families becoming homeless.

For some time now I have tried to help a very fine organization, The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. This fine organization has helped many a Vet and his/her family put food on the table and pay their rent or mortgages. This is their primary mission.

This day, I received a solicitation from them, however this one was different than the previous requests. Because less and less folks are donating because of their own financial difficulties, The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes is in deep trouble and unable to help many Disabled Vets and their families who have requested urgent assistance. Folks like the wife of a wounded GI from Wichita Falls, Texas who is selling her own plasma to buy food for her family and the disabled GI from San Antonio who is selling all his possessions on the Internet just to buy food for his family. There are many other tragic stories but I'm sure you all understand.

Some of you have stopped reading this post by now, but for all who have continued, I laud your compassion and caring. Many years back I learned a valuable life lesson. That lesson was that every action I take in my life comes back to me somewhere down the road. Some call this Kharma, other groups have different names for this universal principle. If I hurt someone, I will eventually be hurt in a like manner. If on the other hand I help someone, this will also come back to me at some point in time. When you look at this principle, it is indeed the perfect justice in this old world. Whether you believe this or not, and would like to help these fine Military folks and their families who are now severely disabled and in dire consequences, please help if you possibly can. Even the cost of those McDonald's or Burger King meals will help.

If you can afford anything, anything at all, please visit The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes and make whatever Tax Deductible donation you can afford. It doesn't have to be much, just whatever you can afford. This old Vet and his family can't afford much, we're hurting too, but I give what I can. Remember, our Military is all volunteer. All these great Patriotic wounded heroes elected to join the Military of their own choosing so that they might protect our way of life and help folks who are being oppressed by brutal regimes.

Whether you you for against our actions in these foreign countries, please just reflect a moment on the wonderful people who did what they believe to be the right thing for the right reason, and are now paying a severe price.

May God Bless all reading this article, and please make a donation if you possibly can. Just click on any of the links I have provided, peruse the website, and do what your heart tells you to do. You'll be rewarded for it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


Monday, June 22, 2009

CURRAHEE !! The American spirit at its finest.

A huge Cookshack Thank You to Susan Gertson from Eagle Lake, Texas for passin that along to Cookie...

BOTH of these men represent the American Military's finest!!


....and I definately gotta get me one of these GREAT BUMPER STICKERS fer my vehicle..

Now I also gotta buy a pickup truck to put it on.....


Gotta say THANKS to "The Chief" (who knows my feelings) fer sendin that one along t'me...