Friday, March 24, 2006

Chef Dies...but he left us a recipee.."One Eyed Texas Toast...

Well Sir....on a much lighter note than all that thar heavy political stuff and negative wurld events....the other night....Chef from South Park.. died...and it looks like fer good (that'll teach ya Isaac Hayes...we'll just write yur ass right outta the script). If'n y'all normally watch South Park...and missed it....Chef died in a most gruesome way (in the typical South Park humorously sick style), "Vlad the Impaler" would have been proud. Now...there's more dark humor to the manner and mode of death, but I don't wanna ruin it for all a ya that didn't see the episode.

Just before he died however...he left a simple but very tasty breakfast y'all go.... One Eyed Texas Toast....( sometimes called "Birds in a Nest")

- Eggs
- Italian Bread
- Butter (or a little bacon drippin's)

Slice the Italian bread about 3/4" to 1 inch thick. Using the rim of a small glass or jar, punch a hole in the center of each slice of bread you're going to pan toast. Keep the punched out holes. Butter both sides of the bread slices and the punched out holes.

Melt more butter(or a little Bacon drippin's if'n y'all have some) into a medium hot frying pan (preferably a Cast Iron Skillet). Place 2 or 3 slices of the bread into the frying pan (don't crowd). Toast bread slice in butter(or drippin's) for about a minute or so and then turn with your spatula. Carefully break an egg into the hole of each slice being careful not to break the yoke. Fry for about one minute or until egg appears cooked to your liking. Carefully turn the bread slices and eggs and fry for about twenty seconds if you like your egg yokes easy. If you like hard yokes, fry a little longer. Toast up, and serve the punched out holes in the frying pan as well. Serve with pan fries or home fries, and as always, a good mug a coffee of your liking.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

In the "Here we go again" dept...St.Paul, Minn gives the Easter Bunny the old heave-ho...

Well we all go again. I was just readin over on AOL News about this here feller out in St. Paul, Minn....a Human Rights Director named Tyrone Terrill...kicked the Easter Bunny out of the lobby of the City Counsil...Yupper...said it might be "offensive" to non-Christians. I'll tell ya what's offensive Mr. and your ilk constantly tryin t'be "Polically Correct" bout those things that ain't nobody complained about...ceptin maybe those idiot ACLUers. Got a suggestion fer ya Mr. Terrill...why don't you and your feller City Hall folks that elected to do this, go and do to each other what Bunnies do best....if'n yur smart enuff t'know what I'm tawkin bout....Damn...the fricken Easter Bunny fer God's sake....gimme a break.......Y'all can get all the details over at Stop the ACLU...........Cookie

People at the VA are really great...but its still a Government Agency.....Breakfast Hash.

Well Sir....about a year ago I put a claim to increase my disability inta the VA know...Diabetes and the "Agent Orange" today...I attended a long awaited Compensation and Pension hearing in regards to my case. So the first thing this here nice Doctor says t'me is that they needed to get some photographs of my condition. Somewhat flumoxxed (I borrowed that wurd from my friend Lemuel over at Hillbilly White Trash)...I asked "Photographs for you need pictures of my needle tracks or something?" The doctor also looked "flumoxxed" (I like that wurd)....and said..."You're here regarding your skin condition aren't you?" Switch camera angle back to flumoxxed me...."no sir...I'm here regarding my Diabetes claim." The doctor looks at his computer's a few buttons and says "Says here that you're here regard'n a claim fer yur skin condition.....nothing about Diabetes." Now...I do have a skin condition....Chloracne....comes from Agent Orange exposure. BTW...all you Vets out there who may have this condition...and now you've got Diabetes...check with your local Veterans Affairs bureau's, a VA Hospitol near ya, or the Military Order of the Purple Heart( they're help'n me)...and they be a help'n ya out...hear!

Now before I say one more wurd...I wanna tell y'all that some of the best Medical care in the world (and the best this Seabee has ever received) is through the VA Medical System. I've never had anything but top shelf care and tend'n to....great people they are .....Doctors, nurses and ALL the support staff...and I'll probably never say one wurd agin em.....but the "administrative aspect" of the system sometimes gets up. As I sat there, I couldn't help but recall a great statement made by "Burt Gummer" in the movie Tremors (he hated most Government folks)....he was tawkin to two Federal Agents and said...and I quote..."Why don't you two yahoo's go back to your offices and do what the government does best....Complicate the shit outta somethin simple".

I immediately paid a visit to the Military Order of the Purple Heart and told them of the situation....they was pissed they was. They're all over it now....and I know they'll get it resolved. All that some bureaucrat idiot somewhere had to do was READ THE FRICK'N CLAIM FORM! So...bottom line...after one year...I'm back at square one with possibly another year of waitin ahead of me. Oh well....just gotta accept it and move on I guess.......'s about a simple..but great tastin recipee fer Breakfast Hash? Here tis...Breakfast Hash....

Left over corned beef..chopped up (or Bear meat if’n ya got some)
¼ pound bacon
Cut up and boiled (ten minutes) potatoes…same amount as the corned beef.
One medium onion…chopped
Salt & Pepper

Fry up the bacon and remove from skillet (cast iron if possible). Save all the drippings. Set bacon aside…let cool. Lightly brown the chopped onions in the bacon drippings. Add the meat and potatoes and cook until the potatoes are light-medium browned. Crumble up cooked bacon and add to skillet…Salt & Pepper(lots a pepper) to taste and that’s it!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

S'more Cruise'n & Peruse'n........

Well I read all my feller bloggers and their posts....I find mostly bad news and tragic I figured I'd kinda just focus on whatever GOOD or humorous topic matters I could be a find'n first off.....

I went over to that Pure Gum Spirits and took a good look at this man's was well worth the diversion. This man...I believe his name be Stuart, has really got some talent...I mean it! I ain't no art critic or nuthin but I found his paintings to really capture moods, colors, times and places....not t'mention all the nude women folk......good work "Stuart". Now y'all get on over there and take a look fer yurselves.......

Now...the next story itself ain't so good...but y'all got a chance as bloggers to do SOMETHIN GOOD...yupper...if'n go on over to The Jawa Report , there be a story over there (and I know a great many of y'all are aware of this story cause I been a see'n it on yur blogs) titled ..."Abdul Rahman Update", and its about this good man Abdul Rahman. It seems he converted to Christianity from Muslim and now the "Peace Loving Folks" over in Afghanistan want t'kill..."cut him into many little pieces" they be a sayin. Well Sir....the Jawa Report will link you to anuther site where y'all can be a signin a petition to President Bush to help this poor feller....maybe with some intervention...or ya can directly to the other site at Hyscience and read his post "Saving the life of Abdul Rahman". I really would like t'see all a my feller bloggers (like The Dread Pundit Bluto) go on over and give this some support...sign the petition please...his life literally depends on it.....Thanks Y'all.......

On a lighter note....Y'all take a stroll on over to Hillbilly White Trash...he's got some real good humorous read'n over thar....yupper...y'all can take a test about a subject I know is dear to many a blogger's heart...and that's BEER! There also be a story bout how Al Gore is related t'them inbred Westboro Baptist church nitwits that protest at the funerals of our fine soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan...get on over there now...hear....

And a's one a m'favorite sites (cause we speek the same backwoods tawk...and spell alike too)...The White Trash Republican . T'day she's a rightfully bitchin up a storm bout them guvernment fellers tag'n all the livestock and follerin them with GPS locators...and if'n ya don't do this...your Veteranarian doctor gotta blow ya in and ya might just get a fine....hmm....1984 in the barn. Anyway...she's got some other light read'n over thar as well...take a gander mate's........

Annnd finally......take a short little hike on over to Dumb Shit of the Week where y'all can be read'n bout a...are ya ready....A Fart'n Chair...thats right...a chair that farts. It also seems that a school England I believe...sued her boss's over this here chair...but y'all gotta read this fer yourselves.....Till next time...y'all take care now...hear....Cookie.....

Oh Man! I just gotta add this after the original post' seems that Charlie know...paid for his hookers with personal checks and maybe his credit being referred to by some nitwit somewhere as a "Highly Credible Public Figure....". Public figure...yes..."Highly sir...that dog don't that's some humor fer y'all. Read the entire story over at the Captains Quarters........

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just peruse'n around........

Well Sir....if'n y'all wanna see sumthin really informative and interestin, just get yurselves on over to the White Trash Republican and run the "Tutorial" that lady has about just what a "Hillbilly" is......"Say it Loud..Say it Proud"...very comical and shur t'bring a smile t'your face...yupper....about 90% of that tutorial looks pretty much like where I live. In fact...we got a city not to far from here...called Fulton, NY...its often asked..."What d'ya call a pretty woman in Fulton, NY...answer...a tourist! Now I gotta do a "Larry the cable guy"......"I'm sorry Lord...furgive me fer that."

Continuin t'cruise around, ya got a real sad story over at The Jawa Report bout a young girl been badly abused over in Afghanistan...the story's called "Why won't you die?"...y'outta read it if'n ya get a chance....says alot about their culture.

Then we have some real good "puter" informashun that even I can understand over at John's Place....easy t'read and comprehend...John tawks like a normal person...not a geek.

Move'n on....Vinnie, over at Vince Aut Morire has got a real heart felt apology to the President of Iraq...y'all should read'll bring tears t'yur eye's it will....

Oh yes....Arod over at A Cuban in Ohio is have'n his One Year Anniversary of bloggin. Why dontcha all stop over and wish him congrat's .....he's also got some interestin stuff about the Freemasons and some of their famous membership.

Actung...Actung...this IS important! Lady Jane over at A Lady's Ruminations has a very important message regarding a bill that is about to be passed that would give amnesty to all the illegal aliens presently in the country...the Kennedy-McCain bill. CALL TO ACTION! Get on over there and read what you can do to help stop this....

Well Sir...thats about it fer t'day...gotta get dinner started...Venison Sauerbraten (Y'all will find the recipee in my second post...Warrantless Wiretaps)....been wurkin on it fer three days now...marinate n and stuff......Mmmmm...Mmm........Cookie

Monday, March 20, 2006

Open memo to White Trash Republican.....

Well Sir....this evening I truly enjoyed a post over at the White Trash Republican so I attempted to post a comment...but fer some reason unknown to this "puter" illiterate blogger...her blog would not accept my comment...despite all a me effurts...communication problems with my signalman I guess (St.Paddy's day and all) I'll be a post'n my sentiments right c'here.

I thought yur article this date was outstandin...cause that be the way this here country boy be a feelin as well.....little dinghy...big ships...and regard'n the brain power...same here also. Hell, I graduated High School 44 years ago...and then burned out quite a few brain cells along the way frum partying too much in high school, college, Navy, work, private life, get the picture. Oh...and about kids taxin yur mind...yupper...try 4 children and 6 grandkids....that'll bring ya back to partying too much I was a sayin....little dinghy...big ships. No doubt about it...some of the boys and men (and of course the women folk) in this here Armada truly do know how to use their intellects, writin abilities and satire...they swing a mighty sharp literary cutlass they do...but think about the defeat of the Spanish Armada fer a minute lassie ( I can call ya that cause I'm so much older than ye). That huge Armada was full of "Big" ships...but they was a beaten by the English in their "smaller", and quicker ships...thats you and me it is....maybe smaller...but we sting. So far...I've been a havin a good old time on my little three week old ship....bite'n ankles and a kick'n shins, and I shurly hope that y'all continue to sail with this here fleet.....Cookie

Stirr'n the pot.....Deep Fried Turkey

Well Sir....both as a cook...and a "Raider", I sometimes enjoy stirring the pot to get something going. Now before I get inta just how to Deep Fry a Turkey...maybe y"all wanna step on over to Mr. Misha's Rottweiler site and see just whats a goin on in the post regard'n the Muslim who converted to Christianity and is now being persecuted in Afghanastan.....meanwhile...with summer a comin are some valuable tips regarding Deep Fry'n a Turkey......

Choosing your Turkey

1) Choose a quality Turkey. Remember, your meal will taste only as
good as the ingredient(s).

2) Try not to Deep Fry turkeys over 14 pounds in a 30 Quart cooker
as this can be DANGEROUS and lead to an overflow fire.

3) DO NOT use a Turkey with a “Pop-Up” in it.

4) Try to purchase a Fresh Turkey (NOT FROZEN) if possible. They
seem to taste better.

Preparing your Turkey

THE NIGHT BEFORE. Keep refrigerated until about one hour before Deep Frying.

1) If you’ve bought a frozen turkey, MAKE SURE IT IS
COMPLETELY THAWED. Putting a partially thawed bird
into 350 degree oil will result in an explosion of hot oil.

2) Remove the “tie strap” that holds the legs in place, as well as any
“Pop-Ups”. Also remove the neck, gizzard, heart or liver that
may have been packed into the bird at processing.

3) Inject your chosen marinade as follow:

**NOTE** The amount of marinade used in each injection will
depend upon your tastes. I suggest starting with ½ of
a needle full for each injection point for your first
turkey. In later turkeys you may adjust the amounts
either higher or lower to fit your tastes. You may also
inject as many times as you want.
Page 2


A) Inject the marinade 3 (three) times (or more depending on your tastes) into each breast, once from each end of the breast and once from the top.
B) Inject once or twice into each leg.
C) Inject once or twice into the dark meat under the legs.

**TIP** Slowly draw the injector out as you inject. This
distributes the marinade to more of the meat.

**TIP** If you do not have any marinade, use melted
butter, plain or with any powdered flavoring
you enjoy added to the butter.


You may use any good powdered rub you desire, even your
your own home made recipe. I prefer the “Cajun Injector-
Cajun Shake ™).

Thoroughly coat your turkey INSIDE and OUT with the rub.

This will result in badly burnt skin.


For best results…USE A GOOD PEANUT OIL!

How much oil to use? Simple answer…ENOUGH TO COVER

** Be extremely careful not to put so much oil in the cooker that
it might overflow onto the open flame and cause a fire when
the bird is immersed into the hot oil!! **

Page 3

**TIP Another way of pre-determining the amount of oil needed
is to do the following BEFORE you prep your turkey.

Place your turkey into the empty cooker and fill with
water till the water completely covers the turkey. Make
sure the turkey’s cavity is also filled. Remove the turkey
from the water. Pour any cavity water back into the
cooker. With a sharp metal object, score a mark into the
inside of the cooker where the water line is. Make sure
you will be able to see the mark later. Empty out the
water. When you eventually do your turkey, fill the
peanut oil to this mark.

**TIP Some cookers now come with a pre-determined level
marking already scored into the pot. Try NOT to
exceed that mark by very much.

STEP #1: Using a temperature gauge, pre-heat the oil to 350 degrees.

STEP #2: Place prepared turkey into/onto the cooking basket or rack.

STEP #3: SLOWLY lower the turkey into the hot oil.


The Golden Rule: 3 ½ Minutes Per Pound!!

Example: If your bird weighs 12 lbs, multiply
12 x 3.5. This results in a cooking time
of 42 minutes.

Example: If your bird weighs 13.7 lbs, multiply
13.7 x 3.5. This results in a cooking time
of 47.95 minutes. Round this up to 48
Page 4

When you first immerse the turkey into the 350 degree oil, your oil temperature will drop. Do not be concerned. Simply turn the gas up SLIGHTLY, not too much. Over the cooking time the oil will slowly return to about 350 degree.

375 DEGREES. First of all you may burn the bird, but most importantly, many oils become flammable as they near 400 degrees.

STEP #4: When cooking time is up, remove the bird making sure the cavity
also empties out. Let bird and cooking basket/rack cool and drain
for a few minutes.

STEP #5: remove bird from basket/rack, place on carving board or platter, let
cool for about another 5-10 minutes and begin carving.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sad day amigo's...amiga's...

Well of late...I kinda thawt I'd like to put up more good news than bad...but after read'n a few blogs t'day...I was reminded about somethin I'd rather not remember. T'was one year ago yesterday that they pulled the feedin tube on that poor defenseless woman Terri Schiavo. Now I ain't gonna get inta the argument bout whether or not she had cognitive thought...or was aware of her surroundin' sir...that's been hammered t'death. What bothers me is the manner of which her death was brought about. like many others...have witnessed starvation...and what it does to a ain't pretty...and...I don't beleeve fer a minute that it's sir...its a horrible way for any living thing t'die...period.

When I watch demonstrations about how these merciless convicted killers get to lie on a gurney....get an injection that puts em t'sleep...and then an injection that stops the heart...and the whole thing is over in a minute or so...I cain't help but think about that poor innocent Ms. Schiavo layin there a sufferin frum being starved to death....fer many days! A killer who deserves t'suffer doesn't...and an innocent young woman who doesn't deserve t'suffer...does.....somethin wrong here. I truly think we need to look at certain options for certain situations....I think we all know and recognize that life isn't always Black & White......but....I guess that just my way a thinkin.....Watcha all think?......May God Bless and watch over Ms. Schiavo.......Cookie