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Hillary... The Documentary the Clintons do not want you to see....

Well understanding is that right now this is one of the most watched video's on YouTube...and I truly hope and pray that is true...

Because so many people are watching this video, it may take a moment for it to post from YouTube....

Better watch this NOW before the Clintons manage to squash it....

Let me qualify my position on certain things before you watch this 6 minutes or so of documentary trailer. I have no problem whatsoever with electing a woman or a black man for President of these great United States...that is...any other woman other than Hillary.

To all of you folks out there who are considering voting for Hillary as the next President of the United States...I implore you...PLEASE WATCH THIS AND THINK!! After you watch this Documentary trailer, investigate, research, vet, do whatever you must to ascertain it's veracity, but please, before you vote for or endorse this person, excersise your better judgement. If you are a loyal Democrat, that's fine, but please help to insure that some other Democrat (ANY OTHER DEMOCRAT) becomes the Presidential nominee.

After everything that has been written and aired regarding the Clinton's and their treacherous tactics...I ask you...What does your heart and gut tell you? With so many people over the years, Democrats as well as Republicans and Independents telling us about how corrupt, vicious, vindictive and devious the Clinton's are, what will it take to help the American people wake up and smell the rotten fish....

Part 2 of 2

Letter from a good friend...and Yur friendly local neighborhood weatherman...

Well Sir...I received this here letter frum an old friend of mine recently...just wanna share it with y'all.....

My ex-wife started taking flying lessons about the time our divorce started and she got her license shortly before our divorce was final, later that same year.�

Yesterday afternoon, she narrowly escaped injury in the aircraft she was piloting when she was forced to make an emergency landing in Upstate New York because of bad weather. .

The NTSB issued a preliminary report, citing pilot error: Nancy was flying a single engine aircraft in IFR (instrument flight rating) conditions while only having obtained �a VFR (visual flight rating) rating.�

The absence of a post-crash fire was likely due to insufficient fuel on board. No one on the ground was injured.

Photographs below were taken at the scene show the extent of damage to her aircraft.

She was very lucky.�

Man...what a Weatherman....

**Coming tomorrow**....the Hillary video everyone is talking about and watching on YouTube....that is if the Clintons don't somehow manage to squash this and get it taken off.

Democrat or definately wanna watch this documentary trailer....

Just fer some fun...what time of day are you...???

You Are Sunrise

You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.

You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward.

Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.

All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This saddened and angered me.. Not so much a it is a question to y'all...

Well Sir...last evening, as is my custom, I was watching the O'reilly Factor on Fox. Now...I know there are a few of you out there who have written to me in the past that you absolutely detest Bill O'Reilly (a man whom I greatly respect), but this post isn't about him or his's about a very short segment he showed regarding our Nation's young people, primarily ages 12 to 17......

Bill has just released his new book, "Kids are Americans Too", and he clearly states to any perspective buyer, that the book is really for kids, ages 12 to 17, who are aware of, and attuned to, what's happening in the world and United States today, and that it is not for the younger kid, or the kid who spends all day in front of his X-Box or Playstation....

Apparently, some of his staff went out on the street and randomly video taped and asked kids (boys and girls) in the 12 to 17 age group, "What do you owe your country?". This is where it gets disturbing. He showed brief clips of the answers they received.....

Answers like "I don't owe my country owes me.", "Nuthin", "Not a damn thing!", "What was the question?", "What's my country ever done for me?" and blank stares. When one young man was asked if he would ever consider joining the Military, he immediately responded "*%#@ No...Never!" Another student was asked if he would ever leave this country and become a citizen of another country, his answer..."In a heartbeat!". It was obvious he thinks we are a bad country, undeserving of his presence....

Now Sir....what immediately came through was an enormous sense of entitlement on the part of some of these kids, and a complete lack of knowledge regarding our past history and the sacrifices made by many a young man and woman for their country and the freedoms we share today.

Now truth, you can't blame the kids if they haven't been made aware of our great Nation's sacrifices and history. You must look to both the parents and the education system(s). Like many reading this article, I grew up being taught "Social Studies", "Civics" and American History in my educational curriculum. A sense of National pride and honor had been instilled in me, by both my parents and the school system I went to. I was taught about the countries throughout the world who DIDN"T have the freedoms we have in this country, countries like The Soviet Union, North Korea, Communist China and others, and this told me that not all countries in the world were free and had a standard of living like our great Nation.

When I was in the Navy and out on those long patrols under the Atlantic, and in the Seabee's on foreign shores, I guess that on some level I thought that the younger people back in the States knew that folks like myself and others were doing their duty to make sure the next generation was safe from a global conflagration and would experience the same freedoms I did growing up. I guess now, in hindsight, maybe I was in error, because some of those kids that were interviewed on Bill's program were children of the kids and children that I was helping to protect.....

I submit this to all of you, no Nation can survive long if there is no sense of national Pride and love for that country in its citizenry and occupants, because very few will be willing to defend it should the time come. This statement is true for all nations, Great Britain, Israel, Canada, The United States, Russia, you name it....and history proves this statement out. Hmmmph...just look at France....someone else is always pulling their tits out of the wringer....

My good neighbor is a school teacher (Middle School), and he has shared with me that today, because of "No Child Left Behind", kids are only being taught about whatever is going to be on the test, very little else. He related an account of a teacher telling her students that, regarding the Declaration of Independence of the United States, the only thing(s) they needed to know were the names of 5 of the original signers of this great document....In other words, they are being taught "To the Test", not for the sake of learning. Hmmm....

I am now a great grandfather (sigh), and I come from a teaching family, and over the years I've noticed a change in what mine/our children are being taught. In some cases there is a concerted effort on the part of some school administrators to only allow teachers to teach a "Politically Correct" agenda, or a curriculum that will result in the student passing tests so that the school looks good, or their own ideological agenda, whatever that might be.

I'm assuming that some of you have seen Jay Leno's segment "Jay Walking", where he asks basic knowledge questions of different people on the street. In one segment, he asked a young college woman, "Where is Pearl Harbor?"....answer...New Jersey. Next question, "Who attacked us at Pearl Harbor?"...answer..."The Hawaiians". Wanna hear the best part....she was in her last year of college to become a TEACHER!!! If it weren't so sad it would have been funny.... where is the Cookie-man going with this? I have a question that I truly DO NOT know the answer(s) to...I need your help.

How can someone like myself, or you parents out there, effect a positive, meaningful change in a deteriorating educational system (we really can't do too much regarding the students home situation)? What actual action can I take to change or enhance school curriculum's to insure that history, civics, whatever you want to call it, is being taught to our young?

What are your ideas regarding this, and what can we do? Gunny, Subvet, MightyMom, Gert, Sig...anyone?

Thanks for your time....Cookie...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The real story behind "The Jena 6".... Beware, Cookie's on a rant...

Well a retired Police Detective Sergeant for 21 years, I've witnessed many so called "racial" incidents that the press intentionally embellished, lied about, skewed and/or distorted for the sake of selling papers or increasing viewers for the 6:00 O'clock news....

My disdain and utter contempt for the most media because of these inaccurate and intentionally misleading stories did nothing but grow over the years. When I first became a cop back in the late 60's, the reporters and media folks I knew and dealt with then had a good sense of ethics and honesty, but today, fabrications, distortions, lies and statements repeatedly taken completely out of context were/are, common place...just ask any public official, Law Enforcement or otherwise, who has regular contact with these literary scum of society....

Oh...I know that somewhere out there, there are good, honest reporters and correspondents, but with few exceptions like Michelle Malkin, whom I snagged this story from, Bill O'Reilly, Shepard Smith, and now Craig Franklin and a very select few others in the MSM, I place most of them in a category equal to and lower than bottom feeding carp or whale shit......

Please bear in mind that aside from this blog, which I primarily do for my own, and others entertainment, I am also a professional writer and presently write for an outdoor Fish & Game magazine, and as such, I am a member of a professional writers association. I have met some of these unscrupulous people personally, and believe me, they have no compunction about writing falsities or misleading stories if it means that they get their story printed, or that their organization gets higher sales or ratings, or it suites their own personal ideology.

Read this and feel free to state your mind, I'm sure my comment section will receive some usage regarding this rant...but....I've witnessed this sort of false "reporting" first hand and countless number of times over the past 40 years....have you?

Media Myths About The Jena 6
By Michelle Malkin

• October 24, 2007 07:23 AM The Christian Science Monitor has a nifty feature allowing individuals to pay for reprint permissions online and republish CSM pieces. The paper carried a must-read op-ed today on the Jena 6 case, and I’ve paid to republish it in full here. This deserves to be seen and spread far and wide:

Media myths about the Jena 6
A local journalist tells the story you haven’t heard.
By Craig Franklin

Jena, La.

By now, almost everyone in America has heard of Jena, La., because they’ve all heard the story of the “Jena 6.” White students hanging nooses barely punished, a schoolyard fight, excessive punishment for the six black attackers, racist local officials, public outrage and protests – the outside media made sure everyone knew the basics.

There’s just one problem: The media got most of the basics wrong. In fact, I have never before witnessed such a disgrace in professional journalism. Myths replaced facts, and journalists abdicated their solemn duty to investigate every claim because they were seduced by a powerfully appealing but false narrative of racial injustice.

I should know. I live in Jena. My wife has taught at Jena High School for many years. And most important, I am probably the only reporter who has covered these events from the very beginning.

The reason the Jena cases have been propelled into the world spotlight is two-fold: First, because local officials did not speak publicly early on about the true events of the past year, the media simply formed their stories based on one-side’s statements – the Jena 6. Second, the media were downright lazy in their efforts to find the truth. Often, they simply reported what they’d read on blogs, which expressed only one side of the issue.

The real story of Jena and the Jena 6 is quite different from what the national media presented. It’s time to set the record straight.

Myth 1: The Whites-Only Tree. There has never been a “whites-only” tree at Jena High School. Students of all races sat underneath this tree. When a student asked during an assembly at the start of school last year if anyone could sit under the tree, it evoked laughter from everyone present – blacks and whites. As reported by students in the assembly, the question was asked to make a joke and to drag out the assembly and avoid class.

Myth 2: Nooses a Signal to Black Students. An investigation by school officials, police, and an FBI agent revealed the true motivation behind the placing of two nooses in the tree the day after the assembly. According to the expulsion committee, the crudely constructed nooses were not aimed at black students. Instead, they were understood to be a prank by three white students aimed at their fellow white friends, members of the school rodeo team. (The students apparently got the idea from watching episodes of “Lonesome Dove.”) The committee further concluded that the three young teens had no knowledge that nooses symbolize the terrible legacy of the lynchings of countless blacks in American history. When informed of this history by school officials, they became visibly remorseful because they had many black friends. Another myth concerns their punishment, which was not a three-day suspension, but rather nine days at an alternative facility followed by two weeks of in-school suspension, Saturday detentions, attendance at Discipline Court, and evaluation by licensed mental-health professionals. The students who hung the nooses have not publicly come forward to give their version of events.

Myth 3: Nooses Were a Hate Crime. Although many believe the three white students should have been prosecuted for a hate crime for hanging the nooses, the incident did not meet the legal criteria for a federal hate crime. It also did not meet the standard for Louisiana’s hate-crime statute, and though widely condemned by all officials, there was no crime to charge the youths with.

Myth 4: DA’s Threat to Black Students. When District Attorney Reed Walters spoke to Jena High students at an assembly in September, he did not tell black students that he could make their life miserable with “the stroke of a pen.” Instead, according to Walters, “two or three girls, white girls, were chit-chatting on their cellphones or playing with their cellphones right in the middle of my dissertation. I got a little irritated at them and said, ‘Pay attention to me. I am right now having to deal with an aggravated rape case where I’ve got to decide whether the death penalty applies or not.’ I said, ‘Look, I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. With the stroke of a pen I can make your life miserable so I want you to call me before you do something stupid.’”

Mr. Walters had been called to the assembly by police, who had been at the school earlier that day dealing with some students who were causing disturbances. Teachers and students have confirmed Walters’s version of events.

Myth 5: The Fair Barn Party Incident. On Dec. 1, 2006, a private party – not an all-white party as reported – was held at the local community center called the Fair Barn. Robert Bailey Jr., soon to be one of the Jena 6, came to the party with others seeking admittance.

When they were denied entrance by the renter of the facility, a white male named Justin Sloan (not a Jena High student) at the party attacked Bailey and hit him in the face with his fist. This is reported in witness statements to police, including the victim, Robert Bailey, Jr.

Months later, Bailey contended he was hit in the head with a beer bottle and required stitches. No medical records show this ever occurred. Mr. Sloan was prosecuted for simple battery, which according to Louisiana law, is the proper charge for hitting someone with a fist.

Myth 6: The “Gotta-Go” Grocery Incident. On Dec. 2, 2006, Bailey and two other black Jena High students were involved in an altercation at this local convenience store, stemming from the incident that occurred the night before. The three were accused by police of jumping a white man as he entered the store and stealing a shotgun from him. The two parties gave conflicting statements to police. However, two unrelated eye witnesses of the event gave statements that corresponded with that of the white male.

Myth 7: The Schoolyard Fight. The event on Dec. 4, 2006 was consistently labeled a “schoolyard fight.” But witnesses described something much more horrific. Several black students, including those now known as the Jena 6, barricaded an exit to the school’s gym as they lay in wait for Justin Barker to exit. (It remains unclear why Mr. Barker was specifically targeted.)

When Barker tried to leave through another exit, court testimony indicates, he was hit from behind by Mychal Bell. Multiple witnesses confirmed that Barker was immediately knocked unconscious and lay on the floor defenseless as several other black students joined together to kick and stomp him, with most of the blows striking his head. Police speculate that the motivation for the attack was related to the racially charged fights that had occurred during the previous weekend.

Myth 8: The Attack Is Linked to the Nooses. Nowhere in any of the evidence, including statements by witnesses and defendants, is there any reference to the noose incident that occurred three months prior. This was confirmed by the United States attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, Donald Washington, on numerous occasions.

Myth 9: Mychal Bell’s All-White Jury. While it is true that Mychal Bell was convicted as an adult by an all-white jury in June (a conviction that was later overturned with his case sent to juvenile court), the jury selection process was completely legal and withstood an investigation by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Court officials insist that several black residents were summoned for jury duty, but did not appear.

Myth 10: Jena 6 as Model Youth. While some members were simply caught up in the moment, others had criminal records. Bell had at least four prior violent-crime arrests before the December attack, and was on probation during most of this year.

Myth 11: Jena Is One of the Most Racist Towns in America. Actually, Jena is a wonderful place to live for both whites and blacks. The media’s distortion and outright lies concerning the case have given this rural Louisiana town a label it doesn't deserve.

Myth 12: Two Levels of Justice. Outside protesters were convinced that the prosecution of the Jena 6 was proof of a racially biased system of justice. But the US Justice Department’s investigation found no evidence to support such a claim. In fact, the percentage of blacks and whites prosecuted matches the parish’s population statistics.

These are just 12 of many myths that are portrayed as fact in the media concerning the Jena cases. (A more thorough review of all events can be found at – click on Chronological Order of Events.)

As with the Duke Lacrosse case, the truth about Jena will eventually be known. But the town of Jena isn’t expecting any apologies from the media. They will probably never admit their error and have already moved on to the next “big” story. Meanwhile in Jena, residents are getting back to their regular routines, where friends are friends regardless of race. Just as it has been all along.

• Craig Franklin is assistant editor of The Jena Times.

By Craig Franklin. Reused with permission from The Christian Science Monitor (, October 24, 2007. ©2007 The Christian Science Monitor. All rights reserved. For permissions, contact


Heather Mac Donald on the Jena 6
The Jena Six and racial narratives; Update: No bail for beating suspect

**Thank you Michelle and Craig for your honest, stand up reportage.....** Cookie

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well Sir...when ya think about it...there's really no surprize here...but some of the stats are interestin.....

Zogby: Half Would Never Vote for Hillary for President

Saturday, October 20, 2007 8:43 PM
While she is winning wide support in nationwide samples among Democrats in the race for their party’s presidential nomination, half of likely voters nationwide said they would never vote for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, a new Zogby Interactive poll shows.

The online survey of 9,718 likely voters nationwide showed that 50% said Clinton would never get their presidential vote. This is up from 46% who said they could never vote for Clinton in a Zogby International telephone survey conducted in early March. Older voters are most resistant to Clinton—59% of those age 65 and older said they would never vote for the New York senator, but she is much more acceptable to younger voters: 42% of those age 18-29 said they would never vote for Clinton for President.

Whom would you NEVER vote for for President of the U.S.?


Clinton (D)


Kucinich (D)


Gravel (D)


Paul (D)


Brownback (R)


Tancredo (R)


McCain (R)


Hunter (R)


Giuliani (R)


Romney (R)


Edwards (D)


Thompson (R)


Dodd (D)


Biden (D)


Obama (D)


Huckabee (R)


Richardson (D)


Not sure


At the other end of the scale, Republican Mike Huckabee and Democrats Bill Richardson and Barack Obama faired best, as they were least objectionable to likely voters. Richardson was forever objectionable as President to 34%, while 35% said they could never vote for Huckabee and 37% said they would never cast a presidential ballot for Obama, the survey showed.

The Zogby Interactive poll, conducted Oct. 11-15, 2007, included 9,718 likely voters nationwide and carries a margin of error of +/- 1.0 percentage point.

In a Zogby International telephone survey conducted in March, 46% said they would never vote for Clinton. In that survey, she finished in second place, behind Republican Newt Gingrich, a divisive figure who has since announced he would not seek the presidency and was not included in this new online survey. In that earlier poll, 54% said they would never vote for Gingrich. This recent survey included only the 17 candidates who were at that time running for President in one of the major parties. Former Vice President Al Gore, who like Gingrich was also included in the earlier Zogby survey of who would never win voters’ support for the White House, was excluded from this latest survey because of his insistence that he has no interest in a run for the presidency.

Interest in a Gore candidacy has been rekindled after he recently won the Nobel Prize for peace in connection with his work on the issue of global climate change.

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, who announced Friday he would end his campaign, was included in the poll. He might have sensed the nationwide opposition to his campaign, as 47% said they would never vote for him for President. The survey showed he was tied as the third most objectionable candidate, behind Clinton and Congressman Dennis Kucinich (49%). Tied with Brownback was Democrat Michael Gravel, a former Alaska senator, and GOP Congressman Ron Paul.

Opposition to Clinton among Democratic and Republican women revealed mirror opposite attitudes, the Zogby Interactive survey showed. While 83% of Republican women said they would never vote for her, just 17% said they could possibly cast a ballot for her. Among Democratic women, just 17% said they would never vote for Hillary, while 83% said they could.

Democratic women appear smitten by former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois—just 11% said they could never vote for them for President. Republican women, on the other hand, find former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney most attractive—just 14% said they would never vote for him. Tied for a close second was former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who were found to be objectionable by just 15% of Republican women.

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Smile...yur on Funny Cam....


Well Folks...this next one...sent t'm by Charlie in Chicago is XX rated....and its not fer kids...and there's no nudity...but it is humorous.....sorta like an old Benny Hill skit...

I've got a couple of real pain in the arse neighbors I'd like to scare away with this guy on Halloween....

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Slow Cooked Baby-Back Ribs....Mmmm Mmm...

Well Sir...I just loves some really great and tender BBQ'd Baby Back Ribs...and when I saw this here recipe yesterday on AOL, I just had t'copy it and pass it along to those of you who may not have seen it. So....I'll be a cookin em next Sunday and I'll let ya know how they taste and just how tender they really are....OR...y'all make em first and then let me know....

Slow Cooker Barbecue Ribs

Prep: 10 min.
Cook: 8 hr., 30 min.
Ready In 8 hr., 40 min.
Serves 8

provided by SuzAnne


4 pounds pork baby back ribs
salt and pepper to taste
2 cups ketchup
1 cup chili sauce
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
4 tablespoons vinegar
2 teaspoons dried oregano
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 dash hot sauce

Cooking Instructions

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).

Season ribs with salt and pepper. Place in a shallow baking pan. Brown in oven 15 minutes. Turn over, and brown another 15 minutes; drain fat.

In a medium bowl, mix together the ketchup, chili sauce, brown sugar, vinegar, oregano, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and salt and pepper. Place ribs in slow cooker. Pour sauce over ribs, and turn to coat.

Cover, and cook on Low 6 to 8 hours, or until ribs are tender.