Friday, June 25, 2010

President basically gives part of Arizona back to Mexico. Reporter Poops pants on live TV.

Is there ANYTHING this ass**** President can do correct for our country other than read a teleprompter?? Just when I think I can't possibly have anymore contempt for this inept, arrogant fraud, I'm proved wrong.

_____________________________________ a retired Cop, I love this one

A short treatise on Police Harassment

Recently, the Chula Vista Police Department ran an e-mail forum (a question and answer exchange) with the topic being, "Community Policing."

One of the civilian email participants posed the following question,
"I would like to know how it is possible for police officers to continually harass people and get away with it?"

From the "other side" (the law enforcement side) Sgt. Bennett, obviously a cop with a sense of humor replied:

"First of all, let me tell you's not easy. In Chula Vista , we average one cop for every 600 people. Only about 60% of those cops are on general duty (or what you might refer to as "patrol") where we do most of our harassing.
The rest are in non-harassing departments that do not allow them contact with the day to day innocents. And at any given moment, only one-fifth of the 60% patrollers are on duty and available for harassing people while the rest are off duty. So roughly, one cop is responsible for harassing about 5,000 residents.

When you toss in the commercial business, and tourist locations that attract people from other areas, sometimes you have a situation where a single cop is responsible for harassing 10,000 or more people a day.

Now, your average ten-hour shift runs 36,000 seconds long. This gives a cop three seconds to harass a person, and then less than three-fourths of a second to eat a donut AND then find a new person to harass. This is not an easy task. To be honest, most cops are not up to this challenge day in and day out. It is just too tiring. What we do is utilize some tools to help us narrow down those people which we can realistically harass.

The tools available to us are as follows:

PHONE: People will call us up and point out things that cause us to focus on a person for special harassment. "My neighbor is beating his wife" is a code phrase used often. This means we'll come out and give somebody some special harassment.

Another popular one is, "There's a guy breaking into a house." The harassment team is then put into action.

CARS: We have special cops assigned to harass people who drive. They like to harass the drivers of fast cars, cars with no insurance or no driver's licenses and the like. It's lots of fun when you pick them out of traffic for nothing more obvious than running a red light. Sometimes you get to really heap the harassment on when you find they have drugs in the car, they are drunk, or have an outstanding warrant on file.

RUNNERS: Some people take off running just at the sight of a police officer.
Nothing is quite as satisfying as running after them like a beagle on the scent of a bunny. When you catch them you can harass them for hours.

STATUTES: When we don't have PHONES or CARS and have nothing better to do, there are actually books that give us ideas for reasons to harass folks.
They are called "Statutes"; Criminal Codes, Motor Vehicle Codes, etc...
They all spell out all sorts of things for which you can really mess with people.

After you read the statute, you can just drive around for awhile until you find someone violating one of these listed offenses and harass them. Just last week I saw a guy trying to steal a car. Well, there's this book we have that says that's not allowed. That meant I had permission to harass this guy. It is a really cool system that we have set up, and it works pretty well.

We seem to have a never-ending supply of folks to harass. And we get away with it. Why? Because of the good citizens who pay the tab; we try to keep the streets safe for them, and they pay us to "harass" some people.

Next time you are in my town, give me the old "single finger wave." That's another one of those codes. It means, "You can harass me."
It's one of our favorites.

Love It!

Oooopsy Poopsy.

Now Cookie, having dealt with many reporters over the years, has never liked reporters. They take things you say out of context making you look bad, or simply screw up the interviews period. Somebody slipped this female reporter a horse laxative just prior to this interview. LOVE IT!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama's ineptitude, and Ode to Mary Kay

OK, the OBO First!!!

**Sigh**, why am I not surprised!! Obama's ineptitute is showing again!

Just sent to me by Susan Gertson.....

Nostalgic mood t'day......a story never told, till today.

Now Sir, I'm will'n t'bet that almost every reader out there read'n this ch'ere blog has a song like this that brings back that EXTRA special memory of someone frum the past.

The summer's eve of my innocence lost.....Oh so many years ago....

She was twenty six, I was just seventeen....

The song playing on the radio.....

The entire story contained therein this next video.....

On the sand dune beaches of Lake Ontario, Sandy Pond area, NY....June 24th, 1961

In hindsight, not only could I have written that movie script, I should have...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Have you seen my cigarettes??

But first....


"Have you seen my cigarettes??"


Monday, June 21, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

Hmmm, fer some reason this here video is strangely fascinating. "Its a great day fer me to whoop somebodies ass!", sung by something that looks like "Gollum" frum Lord of the Rings".


** Sigh**, Absolutely crushing news!

Wimbledon hopeful Simona Halep wants surgery to reduce the size of her breasts.
Halep is seen as one of the tennis stars of the future after winning a host of junior titles and a place in the final of the junior French Open last year.
But the 5-foot-5-inch Romanian tennis star said she thinks her 34DD bust is holding her back.

"This fall I'll have a breast reduction operation," Halep said. "The breasts make me uncomfortable when I play."
"It's the weight that troubles me (and) my ability to react quickly," she added.




OK, y'all make the call. The guy seems legit to me.


"Elections official hits TV to affirm no Hawaii birth!
Tells network affiliate hospital certificate non-existent, cites racism for controversy."

Posted: June 20, 2010
5:19 pm Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

In direct contradiction of the White House storyline, the former Honolulu elections official who caused a national stir this month when he told WND Barack Obama was "definitely" not born in Hawaii, and that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate even exists for the president in the Aloha State is now reaffirming those claims to a network television affiliate.

Tim Adams, the former senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu was interviewed by Gene Birk of ABC affiliate WBKO-TV in Bowling Green, Ky.


Monday meanderings...

Well Sir, here be a photygraff that's guaranteed to start yur week off GREAT!!

We can dream cain't we???

Thanks Susan!!

Granddad was reminiscing about the good old days....

"When I were a boy, Momma would sent me down to t'corner store wi' a dollar, and I'd come back wi' five pounds o' potatoes, two loaves o' bread, three pints o' milk, a pound o' cheese, a packet o' tea, an' 'alf a dozen eggs.

Ya' can't do that now. Too many freekin' security cameras."

Sign found in a bar in Minnisota. Makes sense t'me.


Hey Matey, ya wanna get a massage?


OK, now fer all you lazy fishermen & women, this is how "Cajun fish'n" is done.

Thanks Susan G fer passing this along.


Now Sir, whether yur a fisherman or NOT, this Mississippi catfish will simply blow you away. The only time I've ever caught a fish even near the size of this one was outta the Caribbean. This monster came out of the fresh water of the great Mississippi!


...and fer all you old (or new) "Bubbleheads" who follow this blog, I've just added a link in my blogroll to Terry frum "Vagabond Press" and his Submarine blog. As it turns out, Terry was on the USS Piper at around the same time Cookie was but we never met.