Saturday, December 26, 2009


IT'S OVER!! After prepare'n & cook'n fer three days, this c'here Cookie is gonna take "down time" fer a day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

..and a very Merry Christmas to all my friends and bloggin buddies! BTW, What kind of handgun are y'all?


Well Sir, t'is Christmas Eve and Cookie's got a ton of preparation and cook'n t'do fer tomorrow. Have'n 22 folks over and they are ALL big eaters (like Cookie), so, I'll just wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

I'm a Glock .40 Cal, what are You?

I am a: Glock Model 22 in 40 cal
Firearms Training
What kind of handgun are YOU?

It will look this on your website/profile:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This'll piss Y'all off and make ya sick fer sure!

I just saw this over at and if it's to be believed (and why not know'n Obama), it should really give any doubters a little more proof of his Marxist background and wacked out liberal beliefs.

Ya know, I've got about 4 extremely liberal neighbors (I'm surrounded by em) who helped vote this asshole into office. I think I'll go and beat the shit outta one or two of em...naww, it's Christmas. I'll wait till after New Years!

EXCLUSIVE: Transvestites, Mao And Obama Ornaments Decorate White House Christmas Treeby Capitol Confidential

Why let a holiday season come between the White House and making some political statements? The White House pegged controversial designer Simon Doonan to oversee the Christmas decorations for the White House. Mr. Doonan, who is creative director of Barney’s New York has often caused a stir with his design choices. Like his naughty yuletide window display of Margaret Thatcher as a dowdy dominatrix and Dan Quayle as a ventriloquist’s dummy. For this year’s White House, he didn’t disappoint.

These photos of ornaments on the White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room were taken just days ago. Of course, Mao has his place in the White House.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without an ornament of legendary transvestite Hedda Lettuce.

He/She even signed it:

And, so soon after collecting the Nobel Peace Prize, why wouldn’t the White House have an ornament super-imposing President Obama onto Mt. Rushmore:

All around, a very Barry Christmas!

God Bless Ray Stephens...He speaks fer me!! "Count Your Blessings"

Have always enjoyed the comedic songs and skits of Ray Stephens, specially "The Mississippi Squirrel", but this NEW one ranks right up toward the top!!


Count Your Blessings

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gina, Helping our Wounded Troops & Vets...

A few years back I was fortunate enough to have met a very caring and warm person, Gina Elise who produces a "Retro" type Pin-Up type calender for our troops. If'n yur one a my regular readers yur aware of this wonderful young woman.

The money she earns from this endeavor, she unselfishly donates to various Vet's Hospitals, Vet's Agencies and Wounded Vets.

Well Sir, Gina just sent me some new photygraffs and a Press Release that has been in a few papers out in California, and she'd like me help get the word out so she can continue helping our wounded Vets all across the country.

Like one of my women-folk readers once said about her, "She uses her "goods" fer the Good!"

"Pin-Up Girl Raises Big Money For Vets’ Health Care
& Boosts Morale for Deployed Troops and Hospitalized Vets

Los Angeles, California—December 17, 2009—Sexy Pin-Up-In-Chief Gina Elise, creator of the award-winning “Pin-Ups For Vets” Calendar fundraiser project, recently presented a $15,000.00 check to the Portland, OR VA Hospital to improve rehabilitation programs for Veterans and recovering troops. This was Elise’s third donation to a VA or military hospital in the U.S. since she began her pin-up calendar project in 2007 to help ill and injured Veterans.

Curvaceous and outgoing, Gina Elise has collected many awards along the way for her efforts to bring attention to and fund health care programs for our nation’s hospitalized Veterans. Elise has been honored by the Los Angeles Business Journal as 2009 “Volunteer of the Year”, by the Daily Points of Light Foundation in 2008, and by the California Jaycees Foundation and California. Jr. Chamber of Commerce as 2007 “Outstanding Young Californian”.

Besides raising funds, Gina Elise has made thousands of bedside visits in hospitals across the U.S. to ill and injured Veterans and troops recovering from injuries sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan. She delivers “Pin-Ups For Vets” calendars, “Kiss A Vet” T-shirts and pin-up posters to the hospitalized Veterans she visits. All the gift items, complete with personal messages, have been donated by her supporters who purchase the gifts on Gina Elise’s website, A Veteran who had sustained a traumatic brain injury spoke to Gina Elise for the first time, after having not spoken for a month since the injury. Another patient cried, “ This is the BEST thing that has happened to me in the VA hospital ! ”

In addition to her personal visits to VA and military hospitals, Pin-Up Queen Gina Elise sends hundreds of boxes of “Pin-Ups For Vets” calendars, T-shirts, and posters to the troops deployed around the world. The troops have responded to Elise’s gifts and tireless work for Veterans by flying 7 flags in her honor over military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers in Iraq painted a mural of Gina Elise in camouflage uniform complete with black lace stockings and high heels. “The troops have sent me hundreds of thank-you notes for the great morale boost that the calendars have brought to them during their long and difficult deployments. It is so important to let them know that they are not forgotten,” says Gina Elise. The calendar photos have been torn out of the calendars to decorate tents, and some of the photos have been carried with the troops during missions to inspire motivation. “ They have dubbed me ‘the calendar angel’ ”, says Elise proudly.

The letters to Gina Elise from the troops all show appreciation for the work she does to improve the lives of hospitalized Vets and boost morale for the deployed troops. Letters like this one arrive daily: “I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for your efforts towards our veterans. This morning a helicopter flew into our remote base in Zabul Province, Afghanistan and delivered your wonderful calendar. We are a small team of advisors to the Afghan National Army, and all of us enjoyed a great boost of morale that you gave us. Thanks again for all you do for the boys and girls over here."

Gina Elise encourages everyone this holiday season to visit her website and purchase a gift that she can personally deliver to a hospitalized Veteran or send to the troops overseas. Hundreds of military units have put in requests for the 2010 “Pin-Ups For Vets” calendars. Gina Elise says;

“ In helping our Vets and troops, I am also honoring the four year military service of my grandfather who served his country in World War II. I feel that it is my turn now to serve our brave heroes who have given so much to ensure our freedoms.” "

Contact: Gina Elise


Monday, December 21, 2009

Gonna try this Apple Cider turkey brine recipe fer Christmas ...and, "Here's To The Heroes."

For Thanksgiving, I brined a Turkey using a vegetable base Alton Brown recipe, and although the results were very good and most everyone loved the turkey flavor, it just wasn't quite what Cookie was look'n fer, so, I figured fer Christmas, I'm gonna give this here Apple Cider Brine a try to see if it meets my taste requirements.

Has Anyone reading this ever used this recipe or something similar?? I'd really like yur feedback if'n y'all have!!!

Apple Cider Brine

This brine is simple, but flavorful. The resulting turkey is very moist, as all brined turkeys are, but using apple cider gives a wonderful, mellow apple flavor to the turkey that is very pleasing. This recipe is light on spices and herbs to make it usable for a wide range of turkey recipes. For added flavor, add additional herbs, spices, fruit, or vegetables to the brine that you will be using in other dishes or when roasting the turkey. Some excellent additions are sage, rosemary, thyme, cloves, allspice, ginger, garlic, cranberries, fennel, oranges, and lemons...although probably not all at the same time of course!

8 cups apple cider
2/3 cups kosher salt
2/3 cup sugar
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup chopped carrots
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon black peppercorns
2 Tablespoons whole Allspice
6 whole cloves
4 cups cold water

Combine the cider, salt, sugar, onion, carrots, bay leaves, and peppercorns in a large stockpot. Bring to a boil over medium high heat and cook for about five minutes, stirring occasionally, or until the sugar and salt dissolve. Remove from the heat, add the cold water, and cool to room temperature. Wash the turkey inside and out and remove the giblets and neck and reserve for gravy or stuffing if desired. Place the turkey in a pot large enough to hold the turkey and the brine or else in a large food-safe plastic bag resting in a pot or roasting pan to collect any possible leaks and to make moving the turkey easier. Cover with the brine, making sure both cavities of the turkey are filled as well. Cover or tightly close the bag and refrigerate for 12-24 hours. If you are using a bag, rotate the turkey a few times to make sure all of the turkey gets brined. Before roasting, remove the turkey from the brine and rinse with cold water. Pat dry with paper towels and proceed with your favorite roasting method.

"Here's To The Heros...The Ten Tenors. GREAT RENDITION!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fer Sunday...

Well Sir, my buddy "Terry-Jim" from over at The Lazy Half S Ranch blog sent me these two great Christmas videos and I thought I'd share em both with Y'all.....

Thanks "Terry-Jim", really enjoyed em both....

This first one might just bring a tear to yur eye.....

Now Sir...on the lighter side....