Saturday, August 21, 2010

T'Days the Day!

But First.....

The Dem's and Obama after his Mosque comment.

The above photygraff and video are what the Republicans are gonna do to the Democrats in November, BUT fer T'Day, we're gonna have some Lobster!!

Well Sir, alls ready & wait'n, include'n the Lobsters. Mrs Cookie picked up a fine pack of lobsters yesterday at the seafood store (cost a damn fortune). Corn's ready, salads are ready, accoutrement's are ready and the deserts ready.

The only damn thing is the weather that was supposed to be 83 & sunny today is 60 and cloudy with a good stiff wind a blow'n in off the lake (Arrrhhh! Upstate NY weather!!), but good food and good companionship make fer a warm time. Actually, consider'n the weather, today seems more like a middle Fall Lobster/Clam bake. I'm gonna havta get a fire goin in the fire-pit.

Photobucket COOKS NOTE: BTW, if'n yur gonna be a boil'n up some Lobsters in the future, here be a boiling time guide line fer y'all! Boil lobster for 10 minutes per pound, for the first pound. Add 3 minutes per pound for each additional pound thereafter. For example, a 2-pound lobster should boil for l3 minutes and a 1 ½-pound lobster should boil for 1l ½ minutes.

Make sure to salt the water as well. It makes em feel right at home in the ocean while their boil'n t'death!


Gleefully borrowed this frum "SubVet"...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lobster cookout a come'n up.

Well Sir, Cookie's gonna take a few days off, at least frum bloggin fer a few days fer a couple a reasons. Primarily, this Saturday I'll be boil'n up a large bunch of lobsters fer most of the family and I've got a ton of preparation t'do. Also, this be'n summertime and all and most folks are "oot & aboot" doin summer type things, the blogs aren't bein read as much as usual, so its a good time fer a short break mates!

See Y'all in few.....